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Cool Magazine

A club dedicated solely to the RC30 and it's riders. It is UK based but has members worldwide. The club publishes a great little quarterly magazine. My project bike was featured in the fall 2012 issue if you can get your hands on one.


Need to rebuild your 1990's era 5/8" rod remote reservoir FOX twin clicker shock absorber? This is the company that will sell you a true rebuild kit with O-Rings, Seals & Piston Rings. Fox Part No 00-803-014-B


The SuperClassiX TT-F1 Series features RC30s on track with other period machines. Fireblades race in the TT-Open and older CBR600's race in the TT-F2. Great stuff. Lots of other categories for twins, old endurance bikes and more.

Have Ed Sorbo rebuild your stock Showa RC30 shock absorber.


They look very nicely made and are reasonably priced.


This Japanese outfit make a few RC30 parts but I find them extortionately expensive. Then again, what isn't expensive for an RC30?


German RC30 Club.
Good images of their club meets.


The French RC30 forum.


Stu's Shots R Us
News and pictures from the world of racing.

Sad to see you go.




Not sure if he still sells these 2 strokes anymore.

Obscure is good



Click Here for the PDF catalog


Something to do on those long winter nights. I built one of these RC30 models while stationed far away.

Roadsmart tires have now been replaced with the Roadsmart II tire and us RC30 owners lost our 170/60-18 tire!!


Funny !

Finally, an on-line company that will sell all the RC30 paint colors.


Color Rite paints are distributed by Best Buy in Canada.

 Wemoto sells some basic aftermarket RC30 consumables of variable quality. Don't buy the air filters. Some of the other parts are OK. They do sell RC30 Nitron shocks.

Any guy with hands this dirty has to know something.
He has a cool 2 stroke sidecar for hillclimbing.







These guys will NOT rebuild the stock Showa shock.
They were difficult to deal with!


They don't make RC30 related parts anymore either!



Ride height adjusters and dampers Etc. I heard these guys won't ship outside the UK.


Ohlins have abandoned the RC30.  They don't list shocks, fork springs or steering dampers any longer. Oh well.


Drool worthy and really not that expensive.


They also sell TNK fork tubes for the RC30.
You can find the TNK tubes here.


Nice website, and nicer legs.


White Power !

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