Here are some documents about the RC30.
Hopefully something you have not seen before.

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 Canadian Advertisement.

 Some guy on an RC30.

1999 would be cool to have again.


A Japanese brochure. Comes in a custom cardboard box. Very cool. That is not a 45 it is a 33-1/3 RPM record, just a small one.

A paper model from a magazine. The transformation from 2D to 3D makes it tricky to assemble. I scaled it down a bit when I printed mine and regretted it trying to build it. Below is a picture of the one I built. Click on it see how bad I did. Looks like some of the glue has let loose.

Canadian Prices. I know for a fact they sold for more. Well, at least some of them did.

Canadian Brochure. The bike in the picture is not a Canadian bike. It is a pre-production prototype seen in many of Honda's advertisements.

 A good one pager.

Moriwaki catalog. The 310 mm cast iron brake rotors are on my project bike. The prices are pretty scary; US$2000 for a dry clutch kit and US$5500 for their cylinder heads in the early 1990's. Gulp. Lotsa Yen for a Zero VX-7 also.

 RC30 Information.

Probably the most famous poster of the RC30, with the almighty RVF behind it. The RC30 in the poster is a pre-production prototype so there are a multitude of differences to a real RC30. Can you spot some of the differences? I'll give you a few to get you started:

- Different quantity of windscreen rivets,
- Deeper set headlights,
- No stone screen in lower cowl,
- Location of HONDA decal and stripe on lower cowl.

Genuine Honda RC30 Clothing and Accessories.

Guys in Hamamatsu working hard to put one of the first Japanese RC30's together for some lucky new owner.

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