Street Bikes

Pictures of RC30 Street Bikes

All images used with permission.


2012 Project RC30

My biased opinion says this is by far the prettiest stock RC30 ever built! This is, of course, my project bike as described here.
Beautiful RC30 Street Bike

I like the paint job on this RC30. The only parts that look wrong to me are the white mirrors. NS400R Rothmans mirrors that are the same except black. Black or maybe gun metal Marchesini 5 spoke wheels would be nice. Everyone has their own ideas. Being unique is good.

Helmut Dahne's RC30 Nurburgring

For those that don't recognize this bike it is Helmut Dahne's personal ride. This bike is best known for being the mechanical part of the lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 1993 at 7:49.71. Helmut was the previous record holder also, but the last (and never to be surpassed) record was set using MEZ1 street tires on this street legal bike. This bike is in a fairly high state of tune, having had the hands of Roland Eckert massage it. Helmut still rides this machine.

Thanks to Klaus Hoffmann for taking such a great picture, and allowing me to display it here.

Gord's Old RC30

A few pictures of Gordon's Rothman's replica. This bike had various paint scheme's
including the OKI 24 hours paint job and a Rumi paint job. I like the Rothmans livery the
best. There is something about the front wheel/suspension I like. It's very stark and purposeful.

He sold the bike in 2009. I'll bet the new owner still has a a high rate of walking out to the shed to
look at it. It can take a while to adjust to it. This bike has a Tony Scott built engine. I've heard he
was a pretty good with wrenches in his day.

Here are a few more pictures of it ...

Gord RC30 Rothman's


Rothman's RC30


ROthman's RC30 Muffler Termignoni


Rothman's RC30 Front Wheel


Stock RC30 Hub


Stock RC30 Front Wheel

The above two pictures are of a 100% standard RC30. Everything just as it left the HRC shop in Hamamatsu. Even the lock wiring and original chain and sprockets are still in service. Note the original Bridgestone tire and QC paint on the caliper bolts too! None of the bolts in the pictures have ever been removed.

Adam's RC30's

Troika !

RC30 Collection

A couple nice early Porsche 911's, some vans, and a motorcycle with no engine.

Ride Me

Almost street legal.

Honda Britain Replica

A replica for the street.

RC30 Lounge

I don't own a television either. I'm too busy, and life's way too short. Nice tile job.

Bill Peris' OKI Replica

OKI 24 hours replica with:

  • HRC kitted engine (but an NL0B would have been better)
  • Moriwaki cush
  • RVF works forks
  • RVF single headlight bodywork
  • Custom dual filler tank
  • Moriwaki swingarm
  • Magnesium wheels
  • 320mm vented brakes
  • Custom triple clamps
  • Period Michelin slicks
  • Ohlins shock
  • Big rads
  • Sato rear-sets
Bill Peris OKI Replica and Filler

The OKI replica without clothes. Nice tilework and jerry can.

RVF Works Forks

The RVF works forks as used on the OKI replica. Artwork.

Dave Solo at Grattan

Dave going for it at Grattan. You are looking at 2% of the Canadian RC30 production for 1989.

Typical Tony Scott Work

Why is it that I only ever see Tony Scott engines in this condition? There seems to be a pattern here...

Bills Helmet

RC30 colors on a helmet.

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