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Pictures of RC30 Race Bikes

All images used with permission.


Joey's RC30

One of the many RC30s ridden by Joey Dunlop on display in Northern Ireland.

Image courtesy of Mr. Shackleton.

Camel Team

The Camel race team at Mid Ohio - Image courtesy of Rumblestrip.NET 

Two Brothers Garage

The Two Brother pit at Mid Ohio - Image courtesy of Rumblestrip.NET

Freddie in Right Hander

Freddie at Mid Ohio.  - Image courtesy of Rumblestrip.NET

Crevier and a day of fate

A picture that belies what would happen later that day; August 2nd, 1992. Steve and Larry Schwarzbach on the Yamaha OW01 would be involved in crash that would end Larry's life. Steve was teammate to Freddie Spencer. This picture is copyright "Stu" Stuhler. Mr. Stuhler produces a blog about racing both past and present. I recommend you check it out here.

Randy Renfrow and Reuben McMurter

The late Randy Renfrow chatting it up with Reuben McMurter who is the 1988 Canadian Superbike champ on an RC30. This was a one off ride at Mid Ohio in 1992 put together by Reuben and sponsored by Honda Canada and a few others. Copyright "Stu" Stuhler.

I think Randy is sitting on the CBR600 he also rode under Reuben's direction.

Miguel DuHamel on RC30

Miguel Duhamel in his younger days aboard the RC30. Miguel also did some endurance racing in Europe. Miguel, his brother Mario, and Miguel's dad endurance raced an RC30 at the the Bol d'Or. If I remember correctly, they had problems with the rear wheel coming loose.

This image is an AMA superbike practice session at Mid Ohio in 1991. Looks a little treacherous to me. Check out that two stroke sized silencer too. This image is another great shot by "Stu" Stuhler.

Freddie Spencer Braking

No Canadians here, but Fast Freddie braking hard on the Two Brothers bike will always make a great shot. Two legends in their twilight years of racing and still rippin' up the tarmac. "Stu" Stuhler takes the credits for this shot also. Note this bike, and Crevier's, had switched to the use of USD forks.

RIchard's Bike Commonwealth Honda

A beautiful Commonwealth backed RC30 at Brainerd. Miguel Duhamel was his teammate that year (picture of Miguel's similar bike below).

Fred Merkel RC30

If you want blood, you got it, as Fred's helmet used to say. Oscar sure liked his purple. Even the socks had to coordinate.

Stephan Mertens RC30

The T bike for mister Stephane Mertens. Check out the foam pads on the tank. Stephane is a pretty tall guy.

Lemans RC30 2009
Lemans 2009 RC30
2009 Lemans RC30

You don't see a dual flap quick filler being used in anger much anymore. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this bike, the 2009 Lemans 24 hours machine. The French RC30 Forum put this package together and the man in the picture was key to it. These guys did a stupendous job, considering the good engine blew up. They should have had me build the powerplant. If I remember correctly the engine was pirated from a collector's bike somewhere. I might be wrong though. Stupid old age.....

If you speak and write some french, or even if you don't, Christophe runs the RC30 forum. Some of the (16.5") rear wheels used this bike were on eBay in 2010.

Lemans FInal Corner RC30 2009

David Dumaine on it hard at the exit . Watch him and the Moto Journal writers lean it hard in the videos of the 2009 Leman race:

  1. RC30 in the 2009 Lemans - Part 1

  2. RC30 in the 2009 Lemans - Part 2

  3. RC30 in the 2009 Lemans - Part 3

SItting On a Table Front WHeel on Backwards Lemans 2009

Cool wheels, but I would have put the front one on the other way. Dig that front to rear fender too.

Lemans RC30 Finish Line First Place In Class

First in class.

Crevier Passing In Qualifying

Steve Crevier and Pascal Picotte in qualifying. Canadians everywhere.

Crevier and His Mechanic

Steve and his tuner in the paddock. Steve is still quick even today. A man with boundless energy. The world needs more people like him.

Mike Smith RC30 Pitlane

A young Mike Smith contemplating as he waits on the pit wall.

Renfrow RC30 Reuben McMurter Team Canada

McMurter Racing's Honda Canada funded machine for Randy Renfrow.

Smokin Joe RC30

At first glance this bike can look like an RC45, but it isn't. Even without the number you can discern this is Mike Hale's RC30 by the extended seating position. This bike has a reinforced swingarm, ram air and USD forks. One of the final incarnations of the RC30 in AMA racing. Airtech still sell this FRP.

Freddie's RC30 Bikes

A couple of Fast Freddie's RC30's sitting in the paddock area. There were more of the #19 machines.

Miguels Rear End

Miguel's RC30 getting the once over by the mechanics. Note the absence of the pro squat linkage, as was normal on racing machines.

Mike Smith's RC30 No Front Wheel

Another shot of a Mike Smith piloted RC30.
Note the monstrous lower radiator, right (and left) side exhaust and Showa USD forks.

Richard Arnaiz RC30 Cornering

Easy does it !

Danny Chandler Maico

Maico doing what it shouldn't be able to. RIP Magoo.

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