Honda RC30

If you need to make some lower cowl
foam pieces you came to the right place.

These are intended to be printed on 11" x 17" paper. You will need to tape them together, just like in grade school. There is a top half and a bottom half for each of the two pieces.

Left Side

RC30LeftFoam091016Mods2Bottom.pdf RC30LeftFoam091016Mods2Bottom.pdf
Size : 16.767 Kb
Type : pdf
RC30LeftFoam091016Mods2Top.pdf RC30LeftFoam091016Mods2Top.pdf
Size : 14.502 Kb
Type : pdf
Right Side

RC30RightFoam091016Mods2Bottom .pdf RC30RightFoam091016Mods2Bottom .pdf
Size : 15.58 Kb
Type : pdf
RC30RightFoam091016Mods2Top.pdf RC30RightFoam091016Mods2Top.pdf
Size : 15.047 Kb
Type : pdf

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