Some RC30 Wheels - Past and Present

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Brembo 17 x 5.5

I think this may actually be a Ducati wheel.

Carrozzeria 17 x 6 - They did make RC30 wheels they told me once. Not sure if I believe them.

I think Carrozzeria designed the Duomo wheel (see below).
The only SSS wheel listed is a Ducati 17 x 6 so machining one for a 30 isn't a great idea.
That is probably what we are looking at here too.

Duomo 17 x 6

Duomo 17 x 5.5 with leprosy and damage.

An HRC magnesium 17 x 6.25 intended for the RC45

The much sought after HRC wheel in the correct 17 x 5.5  size
I think this is the Magtek version.

Another HRC magnesium in 17 x 5.5

HRC 18 x 5.5 and 17 x 3.75
Incorrectly masked off for painting.

Magtan 17 x 5.5

Marchesini 17 x 5.5

Another Marchesini 17 x 5.5

And another Marchesini 17 x 5.5

Marvic Penta II in 17 x 6
In reality they are RC45 wheels.

Marvic Penta in 17 x 5.5

Marvic Penta II in 17 x 6

Maxton 17 x 5.5

These were pretty popular. They must have been cheap as they are not pretty.
Why do people keep painting the machined surfaces?

PVM 17 x 5.5 - These are available from Thorsten Durbahn.

Thorsten also recommends only a 5.5 inch wide rear tire, same as me. 17 x 6 do not fit properly.

Old Style PVM in 17 x 6 that looks like Chernobyl victim

Stock Honda RC45 17 x 6 but painted white (they were black as standard).

Technomagnesio in 17 x 5.5 - I don't mind the looks of this 7 spoke.

Honda RS250 wheel with the spokes oriented the "wrong" way

A very cool six spoke wheel by PVM. This one is 16.5" diameter for modern race slicks.

The only known cast aluminum Delkevic 17 x 5.5 eight spoke know to exist as a pre-production prototype. What a shame there are no more. They sold it on eBay.

I subsequently tried to buy the rights to produce this wheel but was denied. I wanted to make 200 and quit.
Delkevic no longer make Honda wheels, not sure if they make any wheels now.

Dead and buried I am afraid to say.

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