Some answers to questions never asked.


Want to know when that tire was made?

Here is how to date a DOT tire.


TireDating.pdf TireDating.pdf
Size : 22.51 Kb
Type : pdf


Why does the RC30 sound so different?

A Rudimentary Audio Analysis of the RC30 Sound.


RC30Sound101107R2P.pdf RC30Sound101107R2P.pdf
Size : 386.031 Kb
Type : pdf


Looking at buying a Canadian RC30?

The 17 digit VIN will be in this list. The list shows 100% of Canadian RC30 Production.


CanRC30Prod.pdf CanRC30Prod.pdf
Size : 2.472 Kb
Type : pdf


Have an RC30 you want to verify the VIN for?


CheckDigit.pdf CheckDigit.pdf
Size : 2.705 Kb
Type : pdf


Want to calculate the speed of an RC30?

Works for most motorcycles (up to 6 speed trans). Great for seeing what may need to be done after switching to a 17" rear wheel.

You will need MS Excel.


RC30SpeedCalculator2.xls RC30SpeedCalculator2.xls
Size : 0.073 Kb
Type : xls


Want to calculate the spring rate for a coil spring?

This simple spreadsheet makes it easy. Design your own spring if you need to.
You will need MS Excel.



SpringyThings.xls SpringyThings.xls
Size : 16.5 Kb
Type : xls


Need a tachometer and speedometer gauge harness for an RC30?

Here is how to make them from easy to find NC30 parts.


Gauge Harness.pdf Gauge Harness.pdf
Size : 348.975 Kb
Type : pdf

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